Introducing the unique E.F.C. Heel Support Pad

Designed and produced by Alf Hall DWCF

"There's alot written about toes being too long, I think not how long the toe is but where is the breakover? People seem to forget about where the heels are and it's the heels that give the strength to the feet, it's no good just pulling back a long toe if you don't address the situation of the heels. Long toes usually means heels being pulled forward toward the toe."

It is well documented that a large majority of foreleg lameness can be attributed to collapsed heels, noticing this Alf has designed and produced a revolutionary new pad which takes the pressure off the heels, allowing them to expand.

"In trials we have had a very high success rate and this treatment is proving particularly beneficial to racehorses as the thoroughbred breed tend to have weak heels."

During these trials it was also proved to be beneficial for certain navicular cases and caudal foot pain caused by concussion.

Case Studies



 Under Run Heels


 Unique Design Heel Support



 Before Pad Application


 With Pads

  Designed For :

Collapsed Heels

Under-run Heels


Caudal Foot Pain

The revolutionary design and fitting of this pad allows the heels to expand, relieves pressure on the laminar and thus reduces pain. Results can be seen within a few days.

Uniquely, the pads are also available in a wedge style. When a horses pedal bone becomes counter-rotated the vet wants the farrier to place a wedge pad or graduated shoe on the foot to realign the pedal bone. Unfortunately with standard wedge pads this would lead to increased pressure and further collapse of the already weakened heels.

The revolutionary application of the E.F.C. Heel Support Pad in the wedge style gives the farrier the opportunity to help the vet and the horse by placing a wedge in to realign the pedal bone but with the absence of the end of the shoe clamping the heels down therefore pressure in the heel area is relieved, allowing the horse pain relief and the heels to recover.

These pads can only be applied by a farrier who has completed the EFC Heel Support Pad Application Course.