The E.F.C. Heel Support Pad can only be applied by a farrier who has attended the training course.

Why Training? We recognise that farriers are already qualified to shoe horses and are capable of applying a pad under that shoe, however the EFC Heel Support Pad is uniquely different and applied unlike anyother pad. Also, the application of the pad is important to the overall outcome and we want to be sure they are applied correctly to achieve the optimum results.

Whats Involved?  As a qualified farrier you may have come across under-run heel problems and have not had the tools to address the problem, until now. If you have a horse that you feel could benefit from these pads then contact us. If your client is agreeable, Alf will come out and meet you where the horse is. He will shoe & apply a pad to one foot (usually the worst), talking you through each step.  He will then get you to shoe & apply a pad to the other foot.

What's the Cost?  We invoice your client our standard charge for the total pad & shoe application along with journey costs. We invoice you, the farrier a minimal charge for the on site training. We want to train farriers who are interested in this product.

How Do I Get the Pads?  Once trained you can purchase pads direct from us at Equine Foot Clinic Ltd.

Farriers who have already attended the training course say they are glad they did as they didn't realise what was involved.

Still Not Sure?  Then attend one of our Demonstration Days