"I have found laminitic horses and ponies to be a lot more comfortable quite soon after the P4 Laminitic Shoe has been applied, more so than plastic or steel heart bar shoes."

The P4 Laminitic Shoe has been specifically designed with unique features : A toe plate to protect the sole from ground contact, recessing to relieve sole pressure from the rotating pedal bone/prolapsed soles and to relieve dorsal wall leverage. All round bevelling to ease breakover, applied with hoof impact material up to the apex of the frog to help support the bony column.

A Toe Plate that extends back to the point of frog,
protecting the sensitive sole region from ground contact.
Impact support material is used to support the bony column.
The outer edges are bevelled all round for easy breakover in any direction

The Toe Plate and inner edge is recessed to relieve sole pressure and reduce dorsal wall leverage.


Available in sizes 3 1/2 - 6 1/2 in 1/4" increments.

It is advised that the P4 Laminitic shoe is used in conjunction with x-rays.

The P4 Laminitic Shoe could also be used for horses with thin soles
or horses recovering from toe sole abscesses.