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Farriers Oilskin Waistcoat

* Thermal Lined * Peaked shoulder * Protective Collar * Lined side pockets * External zipped chest pocket * Extra length Back * Quality Zip * Made in New Zealand *
Brown Oilskin
All sizes
Available in sizes Small - XXL
Stock in van call 07771645626
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Cohesive Bandage
(Good Quality)

Easy to use, sticks to iteself not to skin or hair. Nonslip support bandage. Water and sweat resistant, ideal for when controlled compression is required. No clips or fasteners are needed.
Black, Royal, Green, Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Pink, White
Size: 4" x 5yds (10cm x 4.5m)

Prices: per roll £1.00  *  Carton of 12 rolls: £12.00  *  Box of 144: £144.00
Available as singles, Carton of 12 or Boxes of 144
Equi-Plast Bandage (Sticky Bandage)

Elastic bandage extra sticky. Self adhesive, porous, breathable. Elastic tape that stretches around uneven areas. Ideal for bandaging difficult areas. 
Large 4" x 5yds (10cm x 4.5m)
Medium 3" x 5yds (7.5cm x 4.5m)
Small 2" x 5yds (5cm x 4.5m)
Prices per roll:
Large £3.00 * Medium £2.50 * Small £1.00
Available as single rolls or Boxes of 12 Rolls

Equi-Stretch Bandage
(Semi-Sticky Bandage)

Same flexibility as Cohesive Bandage with the adhesiveness of Equi Plast. Great for bandaging those difficult places where the bandage will never stay. Stick well but still allows movement.
Size: 4" x 5yds (10cm x 4.5m)
Price per roll: £2.50

Available as single rolls or Boxes of 12 Rolls

(Soft Ban)

Soft bandage easy to use and strong.
4" x 5yds (10cm x 2.7m)
6" x 5yds (15cm x 2.7m)
Price: £6.00 per pack of 12 rolls


Equi-Gee (Gamgee)

Gauze covered cotton wool roll. Extra thick 400g/m2 cotton inside.
Small - 12" x 2yds (30cm x 180cm)
Large - 18" x 2yds (45cm x 180cm)
Price: £3.00 per roll


Equi-Cotton Wool

Top quality cotton wool roll. Extra thick, unrolls easily.

Size: 500gms standard width 30cm
Price: £3.00 per roll


Easy to use all purpose poultice and wound dressing pad.
For both hot and cold usage.

Size: 40cm x 20cm

Price: £1.00 each piece  *  Box of 10 £10.00

Available as singles or Box of 10


Non woven material. Extra thick 400gm2 cotton inside.

Size: 18" x 2yds (45cm x 180cm)

Price: £1.00 per roll

Equi-Crepe Bandage

Made of elastic and 100% cotton.
Stretches in both directions. Machine washable, long lasting.

Size: 2" x 5yds (5cm x 4.5m)
Price: £3.00 per pack of 12


Absorbs and removes the excess moisture that can lead to thrush and related hoof infections.

Small (70.9g/2.5oz)  Large (156g/5.5oz)
Small £12.99  Large £22.99


For the  treatment and prevention of thrush in horses and ponies.

Size: 100gm syringe

Price: £9.50


Net-tex Foot Master

A concentrated disinfectant spray for the effective control of a variety of foot conditions.

Size: 500ml

Price: £5.21