Alf is a qualified, registered farrier with nearly 40 years experience of shoeing horses and ponies. As a remedial farrier he now concentrates totally on remedial and corrective shoeing, travelling all over the country.  He works closely with many vets and farriers as most of his work comes from referrals. He is particularly successful with hoof cracks and horses with collapsed/under-run heels. By regularly attending seminars and courses both here in the UK and abroad Alf keeps up to date with the latest technology, theories and shoeing techniques.

Alf is in-house remedial farrier for The Queens Carriage Horses at the Royal Mews, he also works with Scott Dunns Equine Clinic Wokingham, Isle Valley Vets Chard, Lambourn Equine Vets, Bourton Vale and many others.



Alf shoes many racehorses and will travel to race meetings

to ensure all is ok on those important occasions.