Rebuilds & Trauma ~ Case Studies


Rebuilds - Case Study 1

I was called out by the vets to this racehorse who, its thought, had run toward a gate and as he stopped put his foot through it, 'peeling' off the hoof wall up to the coronary band, around the heel and had also taken some of the sole off. 

Initial Trauma

To stablise the foot I made a bespoke remedial shoe which was nailed on the good side with a strap screwed on across to the other side. A plate was welded underneath to support the sole with Hoof Support Impact Gel poured in to support the whole foot.

2 Months Later

I left the next shoeing for as long as I could to allow for as much growth as possible. Luckily I had enough new heel growth to be able to glue on an aluminium heart bar shoe and again filled with Hoof Support Impact Gel.

                          Before Shoeing                          After Trimming

                         After Shoeing 



One Month Later

Reshod with another heart bar shoe glued on and gel.



Two Months Later

Only 5 months since the initial trauma and see how the horse has grown a complete new hoof wall all the way down. I now had enough wall to nail a normal shoe on.

This horse went on to run three times after this injury. This was a successful outcome as the coronary band had not been damaged in the initial trauma.